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prod notes
Diesel fumes hang heavy under the warm amber glow of sodium lamps Somewhere deep in the south of the Indian sub continent. A single lorry truck ambles through the mess of sleeping bodies and heaps of burning trash. It’s horn smashes the silence and a dog's warm carcass lay shattered. Red liquid spills from its open skull as the crows begin to smile. Another cassette is loaded. The camera threads the tape.

In the distance, a steady stream of cockeyed headlamps drifts through the thick toxic soup. The sound of their grinding gears signal the dog's burial crew is arriving. Pulling on half lit cigarettes, the drivers of these ghost ships move closer. Their faces empty and sunken with the inescapable debt of karma. Auto focus is switched to manual and pushed to infinity.

Closer still the hulking trucks move. The dog awaits its unimaginable fate as one by one they arrive without mercy. The moon moves across the sky as the animal is twisted and horrifically disfigured beneath the menacing beasts. Devoured and consumed only to be spit out again, an endless cycle of death and rebirth. Morning arrives to find little more than stained streaks in the asphalt. The camera is switched back to auto and powered down.

Jonathan Bland was born in Canada where he studied tomato farming and filmmaking. With 4 years in India and South East Asia he currently makes his home in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu. His days are spent sleeping, and by night you can find him contemplating God while drinking overly sweet teas somewhere in the smoky streets of south India.