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A TRULY INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION: With a crew composed of members from Iceland, Switzerland, America, Sweden, and Canada making a film shot on location in the remote Central Asian country of Mongolia about subjects who speak a dialect of Kazak, Kiran Over Mongolia is a truly international film.

THE MOST DAUNTING ASPECT - TRANSLATION: One of the most daunting aspects of making the film was simply getting the footage translated. The dialect of Kazak spoken by the eagle hunters in western Mongolia is so colloquial that filmmaker Joseph Spaid could not find anyone in North America who could speak it. So, he had to return to Mongolia the following summer just to translate the footage.

 THE LOCALS KNOW BEST: Much of the shooting took place during late October when temperatures in Mongolia regularly get below -20C. The crew quickly discovered that while Western down sleeping bags are okay in those conditions, the locals know best: A clove of diced raw garlic blanched in a cup of mutton broth just before bedtime, and a fox pelt around your feet at night make all the difference.