RBB Kulturradio, Germany


(transcreibed from German radio)

"An eagle flies over deserted, rocky mountains in the west of Mongolia. A young man is sitting on top of a mountain and observes the bird - one of the scenes from the movie KIRAN OVER MONGOLIA, Joseph SpaidŐs contribution to the festival. The American Director tells the story of the young man Kuma, who leaves the capital city to travel to the Kazak homeland of his ancestors. In this remote mountainous region, he learns how to catch an eagle and train it for the hunt like his grandfather once did. During this journey, Kuma not only rediscovers the roots of his family, but also his inner balance. Like in this epic documentary, the parallel worlds of tradition and modern times, and the change of cultures are the main topics of the GlobianŐs Potsdam film festivalÉÓ